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To stop the Corona virus, new measures have been announced from Saturday 13 November. President Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge announced in their press conference that casinos and game vending machines should close their doors at 6 pm.

Unfortunately, the hospital admissions are rising so fast that this unpopular measure must be taken again. In the past 2 years, the industry has often become the victims of the measures to curb the virus. From September everything became as usual, but that was short -lived.

Hopefully the casinos can open again in 3 weeks even after 6 p.m. if the 2G measures are entered. With this rule, unvaccinated people will no longer have access to the casinos.

Holland Casino not happy with the new measures

The management of Holland Casino finds it strange that they must close their doors at 6 pm. After all, the rules do not apply to theaters and cinemas. Previously the casinos and theaters fell under the same regime, but this time it deviated from.

The CEO of Holland Casino gave the following response: (source

“We heartily grant our colleagues and understand the choices made therein, but also in casinos and play halls we work with place, we have strict door controls and the measures have been meticulously meticulously meticulously complied with since the start of the crisis through protocols.

“Holland Casino has an important social assignment that must combat illegal offer of games of chance. The difficult weeks of closure of the physical gambling sector is unnecessary and irresponsible. It will again lead to further inflowing illegal activities that we have already observed in various places in the Netherlands in the past period after the introduction of the QR code. This also gives unnecessary pressure on public order and safety.

“In addition, we offer a safe and responsible leisure activities to many hard -working American people. One likes to go to the casino for an evening, the other to the cinema. In terms of measures there is no difference between those locations, so that should not be the case. We will have to respect the measures, because we too always put the health of all of us first. It is not without reason that we have already moved the largest official opening of our new location in Venlo last week on our own initiative, which we have been working for a long time to next year. We trust that this blow will be full compensation for the entire sector for the damage suffered. "

Erwin van Lambaart, CEO Holland Casino

Boost for the online casinos

The online casinos with a license in the Netherlands can spin yarn at the mandatory closures of the physical casinos. Many players have already made accounts with the new ones in recent weeks Legal casino providers And this will certainly be a good alternative for the gamblers who have not yet done this.

At the online casinos you will find the same games and slots as at the physical branches. It takes some getting used to because of course you miss the atmosphere that you have more in a physical location. With the live games that the Online casinos Offer, the experience is almost approached.