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There are already a lot in the meantime Legal American casinos online And more and more are being added. All these casinos naturally want to attract as many players as possible. One of the ways how they do is to offer casino bonuses.

Bonuses are given to both new customers (the so -called welcome bonus) and existing customers:

  • No deposit bonus: You will receive this bonus without having to make a deposit. Click here For the best no deposit bonuses.
  • Welcome bonus: You will receive an extra percentage on top of your first deposit (s). Click here For the best welcome bonuses.
  • Storting Bonus: Also called reload bonus. This is the same as a welcome bonus, but for existing customers. Click here For the best deposit bonuses.
  • Loyality bonus: If you are a recurring player, you will receive a bonus in the form of: game credit, free spins or something else at some casinos.

If you receive free bonus money from a casino, you can never have this paid out immediately as real money. If this could be, then At online casinos be bankrupt in no time. You must always unlock a bonus first. Below you can read everything you need to know about freeing a bonus.

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10 points to pay attention when releasing a casino bonus

Whether you are a starting or an experienced player, if you go through these 10 points then you can be sure that you not only get the most out of your casino bonuses but also learn the difference between a good casino bonus and a bad casino bonus .

Point 1: Look at the bonus percentage and the maximum bonus amount

Many casinos give new customers a 100% bonus on the first deposit. But this can go up to 150% or even 200% at some casinos.

The maximum amount also varies greatly, from $ 50 to no less than $ 250.

Calculation example:

If the bonus percentage is 200%, and the maximum bonus amount is $ 150, pay $ 75. You will receive a total of 75 + 150 = $ 225 to play with.

Point 2: Look at the deployment requirement to free the casino bonus

Almost all casinos demand that you use the bonus money a certain number of times before you can have it paid out. Usually the deployment requirement is around 30x.

There are also more and more casinos that require you to pass on both the bonus amount and the deposit a certain number of times. We call this a sticky bonus. Pay attention to this, because the bet requirement of 25x of the bonus money is favorable for the player, while 25x the bonus + the deposit is much less favorable.

How do I know what the conditions are for freeing casino bonuses?

There are two ways to find out:

  • Read the bonus conditions, which you should always be able to find easily on the website of the casino. They can also often be found under the heading "promotions" or "bonuses". Sometimes they are also on the "General Terms and Conditions". If you can't find them or they are unclear, look for another casino.
  • Ask the help desk via chat. A good online casino will always be 100% transparent about the conditions of freeing the bonuses. Again, if they are unclear or ambiguous: find another online casino.

Point 3: see if and how many casino games contribute to the deployment requirement

This is also very important. After all: not every game contributes to the deployment requirement. Slots Just wear 100% in almost all cases. But for games as roulette in BlackJack That does not always apply. Also Video Poker As a rule, contributes less.

There are even casinos where certain games do not contribute to freeing the bonus. In other words: you will never be able to unlock the bonus when playing this game!

And again, this must be clearly stated in the bonus conditions. If this is not the case, go to another casino with your money.

Point 4: Adhere to the maximum bet per game with bonus money

The bonus conditions state if the good is clearly stated how much you can use per game. On average, that is somewhere between $ 5 and $ 7 maximum per spin.

This is another reason to always read the bonus conditions carefully. Online casinos act strictly against players who break this rule. It will irrevocably lead to the withdrawal of the bonus and won any profits with the bonus money.

Point 5: Note smart tricks from the casino

Casinos sometimes get tricks that can bring you to a adverse position. Well -known tricks you can pay attention to are:

  • Is there a maximum amount that you can win with the bonus? If so, determine whether you can live with it.
  • Is the deployment requirement only about the bonus? Or is it about the bonus and the deposit? In the second case, the deployment requirement is effectively doubled! This makes it almost impossible to have a payout of the bonus and is therefore strongly discouraged by us.
  • Can you immediately pay the profits of free spins? This is not always the case! Free spins are of course always fun, but it is best if you can have the profits paid out immediately.
At TOTO you can immediately pay the profit from Free Spins!

Point 6: First empty your balance on your account before you deposit again

A very important one. Make sure you use your balance fully before you deposit money again!

If you don't do this, there is a chance that:

  • You no 2Of receives deposit bonus;
  • The deployment requirement will apply about your new amount. This is of course not what you want.

If this happens, do not hesitate to the help desk. Usually they can drop the remaining bonus money and then all conditions will fall.

Point 7: Know you can refuse the bonus

You are not obliged to accept a welcome bonus. We always do that, but we always see the welcome bonus as a piece of entertainment money. You get a lot more to play with, and sometimes you win a nice amount of money with it.

But if you don't want to meet the deployment requirement, you can refuse the bonus. Sometimes you can already check this option with your first deposit. If this is not possible, ask the help desk to remove the bonus. Do this before you start playing. If you do it afterwards, it depends on the casino whether they will do it.

Point 8: regularly check how much you still have to use before your bonus has been released

At most casinos you can see at the Cash Out page which amount is free to record. If this amount is zero or considerably lower than your balance, then you have probably not yet met your bet requirement.

At most casinos you can also see how much you still have to put in before the bonus is free. Sometimes you have to ask the help desk.

In both cases: Check it regularly, because it often goes faster than you think.

Point 9: Do you have a problem or question? Then customer service (and be nice!)

If you have a problem or a question, do not hesitate to ask customer service to ask for help. Often they can and will help you as well as possible.

If you ask questions in a friendly and not compelling way, then you will often be helped better. A help desk employee will rather be willing to help someone he likes than someone who is rude, annoying or angry.

Point 10: Big profit? Ask if they can let your bonus expire

We may keep the best tip for the last time. Suppose you have won a nice amount and you want to include it without having to comply with the deployment requirement ... then you can immediately claim the amount at some casinos. However, all the bonus money will then be canceled.

This must always be requested via customer service. Not every casino does this and it is not always explicitly in their conditions. But you can always ask and often it works.


So. That was it. Now you know how to recognize a good casino bonus and you know how to unlock it. Good luck and lots of fun!

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