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Everyone sometimes downloads apps on any mobile device. If you are looking for a mobile app to use money at casino games, then you had to search for a long time. In the American App Stores such as Google Play Store and the Apple Store, apps from casinos where you can use real money are only allowed since October 2021.

You can play free versions for some time without playing with money, but that is not nearly as fun as using money to play a nice profit together. Certainly after a longer period of time that gets boring. Below you can find information if you are curious about gambling apps.

De Apple iStore

This digital store where you can download apps for your mobile device allows casino apps in countries where they are regulated legal. For example, the range of the Apple Store in the American, Danish and Belgian App Store consists of a wide selection of gambling apps that you can download. So you can gamble with real money.

In the Netherlands, this offer is still very limited, because it has only recently become legal. You can bet legally on sports competitions and horse races for a longer period of time. Separate apps have been developed for this that have therefore been available for a long time in the Apple Store. So you can legally download a number of gambling apps, but there are plenty of ways in which you can still use a wider offer.

Web apps op iOS

Browsers are very strong. Also on your Apple device, the browser is probably doing so well that it supports a wide range of functions. In the past, these functions would probably only be supported by apps, but browsers have improved enormously. Apple devices support PWAs, also known as Progressive Web Apps. An example of such a PWA is the sturfing web app. These are a kind of apps, but run completely through the browser on your device.

Nowadays you can also add a web page to your home screen. You go to the website of the American Online Casino Where you want to play the game. You simply do this through your usual browser. You can choose to share this page by clicking on the icon that goes with it. Instead of sharing the page with someone, you can choose to place the webpage on your home screen with this menu.

The icon placed on your home screen can be moved to the place you want. Do you sort everything in folders? Then you can put the icon in the folder that fits. It looks like a downloaded app, but instead you will be sent to your web browser where the PWA can be turned without problems. A lot of casinos offer this option to ensure that you as a player are not dependent on the Apple Store. This makes their games more easily available for a larger audience.

Change land without emigrating, how then?

Do you want to download an app through the Apple Store that is only available abroad? No worries. You can adjust the country or region of your Apple ID. This gives you access to the Apple Store of the selected country or the region that you have chosen. It has quite a few consequences to do this. It is therefore not wise to do this for a single app. You can't just switch back.

When you change the country of your Apple ID, the payment method that goes with it also changes. The payment method must therefore be correct. So only change the country or region with your Apple ID if you plan to use this longer. Fortunately, it doesn't matter whether you are actually in the selected country. Apple and iOS do not check your location. So they do not know whether you should really have access to the Apple Store of the country in question. They only look at the country that is mentioned with your Apple ID.

If you are not sure how it works to adjust your country, you can always go to the Apple web page for more information.

Sidelades or download?

If you want to use another option, you can choose to sideladading. This is different from downloading. It is a major action and relatively complicated. It is therefore not recommended to the average smartphone user. iOS has made it possible to get casino apps on your smartphone, even if they are not available in the American App Stores.

In addition to being quite difficult to do, it is contrary to the law to play casino games that do not yet have a valid license or permit. They are also apps that have not been approved by Apple. Are you still interested? You then need a Mac, a developer account that you can create online for free and the MOT. The MOT is the program file of the app that you want to store on your mobile device. You need a lot of technical knowledge to take the right steps.

You will have to install software, place a URL of the program file in this and after some complicated steps the app will be on your device. Again, this is not for everyone. Perhaps you can limit yourself to the apps that are available in the regular Apple Store.

The cumbersome Cydia App Store

This is the most radical way to get apps on your device without being available in the regular Apple Store. So this is certainly not recommended to those who are not that technical or simply cannot handle a telephone so well. An additional reason why this way is not so wise is that the apps that you can download with this are often not that reliable. They are not approved by Apple and you also do not know who they were developed. So it is a huge risk to put money into it.

When the iPhone just came out, it was relatively easy to jailbreaking so -called. However, this is more difficult and therefore less popular. You can use this to use the alternative Cydia App Store. Here you can find a number of casino apps that are unclear who the developers are. It has also not been tested whether the chances of winning are random or whether you simply throw your money away.

Google Play Store

Google seems to be a lot easier than Apple in many areas. For example, it checks much less for privacy. On the other hand, they are a lot more conservative when it comes to casino apps in the App Store, the Google Play Store. For a long time it was not possible to download GOK Apps via the Google Play Store where that was already possible at the Apple Store. That is different now, because the Netherlands now also belongs to the countries for whom Google has made it possible to download gambling apps.

First this was only possible for the United Kingdom, Brazil, USA and Ireland. It may of course always be that your favorite gambling app is not yet available, because it has not been legal in the Netherlands to download gambling apps. Fortunately there are a number of options where you can still do this.

Sideladading with Google is not for everyone

The difference with Apple is that you do not need a separate developer account when sidelaing at Google. Furthermore, much corresponds and it is also a high risk of taking this gamble at Google. So don't do this if you are not technically laid out or feel like stuff. It can really be complex and everything is at your own risk. The apps that your sideload have not been tested by Google.

So you have no guarantee that the apps that you get at your disposal in this way will work well or at all. Gok apps that do not have a license or permit are still illegal in the Netherlands, despite the new regulation. It must be approved and you are not sure in this way.

Do you still want to sideladading?

Do you still want to try it? Then do it carefully. You can do this by checking the check "Unknown Sources" in the settings of your Android device. You can look for the program file, the MOT, online. Take a good look at the MOT provider and do not just download files from an unsafe site.

Many online casinos offer the MOT themselves, so look at their sites to make sure that you are dealing with the right MOT. You can download this and will be on your device just like a regular app.

Casino web apps

Just like with Apple you can also use PWAs on your Android device. These are the Progressive Web Apps. You do not download this from an App Store, but you use it via the browser of your device. The browsers of Android are nowadays so strong that websites with extensive functions can often just run well. So in this way you play your favorite gamble apps through your web browser instead of downloading an app for it.

You can even place this web app on your home screen so you can hardly notice any difference. It just looks like a regular app on your smartphone. You simply do this through you Favorite casino Looking up in your browser. Then choose Settings, at the top right, and you can choose the option to add this webpage to your home screen.


Casino apps often work the same or at least equal to the standard online casinos. As a player you can often enjoy the same extra functions, bonus games and you can often pay and use money in the same way. So you can make real money on gambling sites. Unfortunately, there is always the possibility that you will lose your money. That is why it is important to remember the risks and play in a responsible manner.

So don't start it if you are not yet 18 years old. Are you not yet 25? Then you are still very susceptible to become addicted and no longer without gambling. So keep reflecting on yourself and take a step back if you notice that you no longer have yourself under control.

There are also gambling sites where you can play for pleasure without using money. Of course you do not win any money, but the chance that you can no longer stop is therefore a lot smaller. This makes it safer and more accessible for everyone who loves a game.

Increasingly popular

Playing online certainly has some benefits compared to physical casinos. This way you can experience a huge range of pleasure. Does your standard online casino not have a game that you would like to play? Then you can immediately look for a casino online that it offers. This makes online casinos also extremely popular and grow in popularity.

There are even games that are offered completely online and cannot even be found in the physical casinos. Furthermore, online casinos often offer extra Bonuses Making players easily tempted to play their games there. Online you also have a lot of freedom and independence and you are not dependent on the croupiers in your physical casino around the corner.

What are the disadvantages

It is therefore quite attractive to play gambling games online. This is apparent after the growing popularity of the online casinos. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of disadvantages attached to it, so always consider whether the online casino suits you. Because you can play anytime and anywhere, availability is constant and it is more difficult for you as a player to stop.

Furthermore, it is also useful to remember that there is a lot of money in the industry. So there will always be people with bad intentions and want to ensure that you are left with as little money as possible. So you always have to pay attention that what you do is reliable and that you only play at online casinos with the valid licenses and permits. Do you see something suspicious? Then stop playing and start looking for a safe online casino.

Safe or not?

So as long as you know for sure that the online casino with whom you are playing has a valid permit, you can assume that it is safe what you do. If you play a gambling app that you have obtained via Sideloading or the Cydia App Store, then it is not guaranteed that you are playing with your money in a safe way. You can also avoid a risk by checking whether the casino of your choice is on the black list. Is this the case? Then certainly do not play games that they make available.

Everything you do is at your own risk and because it can be a lot of money, it is wise to take as little risk as possible. Always remember the pitfalls of betting and no longer continue if you notice that you are no longer in control. It is important that you only play it if you like it. Are you no longer enjoying gambling? That is a sign that you may be addicted.

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