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The Federation of the American Trade Union Movement (FNV) has announced that the CAO negotiations with Holland Casino will start. The staff may make wishes regarding wages, work pressure and job security.

In the Corona period there was a lot of uncertainty among the staff. Many were fired and corona tun was needed. Now that the Holland Casino branches are open again, the FNV starts with the negotiations.

There are already working groups that, among other things, talk about "healthy scheduling, pensions and sustainable employability". There is also consultation for a social plan. The CAO process is planned for May 17, May 30 and June 14 this year. The FNV needs input from employees for a CAO proposal letter. In this way they know what the wishes are when it comes to wages and work pressure. FNV is also forthcomer what the employees of Holland Casino think is important in the CAO.

Despite the $ 55.8 million in state aid, 280 were forced in the Coronatijd. High time for new CLA negotiations.

Since February 2022, Holland Casino has been open again without restrictions. Some games like poker are not well offered due to a lack of staff. It always takes a while before new dealers are trained.

Holland Casino

Holland Casino says it is the only real casino in the Netherlands. It has fourteen branches and they have been around for more than forty years. The first branch opened the doors 1976 in Zandvoort. Since then it has grown into an empire of quality casinos that are renowned all over the world.

Holland Casino now also offers its services online. So in addition to legal gambling in a physical location, you can now also do that from your mobile American Online Casino.

There you play the games that you are used to playing at the physical Holland Casinos. Nice side effect of going online is that there is also a bookmaker. So you can now bet on Sport via Holland Casino Online.

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