Cabinet prohibits unfocused advertising for online gambling

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From January 1, 2023, online gambling companies are no longer allowed to make unfore advertising. In practice, this means that they will disappear from, among other things; bus shelters, radio and TV. From 2025, sponsoring on, for example, football shirts is also prohibited.

Since the legalization of online gambling in October 2021, the Netherlands has been immersed in advertising for the new online legal casinos. On the page of It is indicated that this was necessary in the beginning. To lead players to the legal gambling offer, those casinos had to be findable and attractive enough. Now the government is partly coming back to this by introducing these extra measures. It is hoped that vulnerable groups such as young people and addiction sensitive is now better protected.


As mentioned earlier, sponsorship is ultimately prohibited. This part of the decision was not planned at first, but was added later. Perhaps this has happened because of the enormous criticism of sports sponsorship by gambling companies. When Ajax concluded a sponsor deal with an online casino last week as one of the last clubs, there was national criticism. The chairman of the GGZ, Ruth Peetoom, argued that people develop a too positive picture of gambling as Unibet connects itself with a strong brand like Ajax.

The further ban on gambling advertisements does not come out of the blue, last week the minister also announced a ban on the use of role models in gambling advertisements.

“Today we have taken an important step towards further tires of gambling advertisements. Advertising is a means to lead people to the legal offer, but the importance of addiction prevention outweighs. With this I want to protect vulnerable groups such as young people. "

Minister Weerwind

Prohibition is introduced in different phases:

BanStarting date
Deployment of role models in advertisements from gambling companiesJune 30, 2022
Unfocused relame in public spaces and radio/TVJanuary 1, 2023
Sponsorship for programs and eventsJanuary 1, 2024
Sponsorship of sports clubsJanuary 1, 2025

The first steps towards the prohibition on unfocused relclame and sponsors have already been taken. The gambling companies first stopped on their own with the outdoor advertising. After which on 30 June the cabinet added the ban on the use of role models. These are of course only small measures, but according to Minister of Legal Protection Franc Weerwind, the first step is the most important.

On January 1, 2023 the first major prohibition will be implemented, unfocused advertising is prohibited. This means all advertising that people have not actively searched for. Advertising that people have found by looking up a certain game on a search engine is still possible. However, the government will also start the rules for this.

Subsequently, from January 1, 2024, Casinos may no longer advertise on programs and events. For example, you will not be advertisements of toto See more at Veronica Inside. It will therefore be a considerable task for events and programs to replace all these sposors, which is one of the reasons for entering the measures in phases.

Ultimately, the prohibition will be complete in 2025, when the prohibition on the sponsorship of sports clubs starts.

Consequences for professional football

The government awaits the last prohibition for so long due to the consequences that it carries. In the 2.5 years that the sports clubs have received, it will have to be looked at how they should catch this financially.

Especially in professional football, many clubs are sponsored by gambling companies. These are on the shirt or along the field. It often concerns huge amounts. However, the cabinet, in turn, says that the economic interests do not outweigh the addiction problems that gambling causes.

Children and vulnerable American people also watch those competitions. We give sports clubs two years to find other income. "

Minister Weerwind