Breakage breach Wesley Sneijder at TOTO?

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Toto, part of the American Lottery, accuses Wesley Sneijder of contract breach through his transfer to the competitor Betcity. This according to a message in the professional journal “Adformatie”

After last week's switch, Sneijder can be seen in the new advertisements of BetCity. Toto does not agree with this and is considering continued steps.

BetCity calls it appropriate transfers, just like in the real football world. Earlier they managed to take Andy van der Meijde from the Toto. Sjaak Swart is the third remarkable (TOTO) transfer that BetCity does. Mister Ajax could be seen with the crown of King Toto on his head but also makes a transfer to Betcity in Amsterdam on his old age.

Wim Kieft has also switched to the right way to work on the road American Casino BetCity. He was previously shown in a commercial from the American Staatsloterij.

BetCity no party in the conflict

The dissatisfaction of the TOTO is addressed to Wesley Sneijder and his management, not to BetCity. Mario Singels, founder of BetCity, did this Adformation know. He was not approached by the American lottery. He indicates that it is a conflict where BetCity is not a party. Singels says he has checked in advance whether Sneijder would be available for advertising.

According to Guido Albers, the agent of Sneijder, no exclusivity has been agreed in the contract of the former footballer.

However, the American Loterij reports differently in the statement of Adformation:

"A player who is under contract with a football club cannot just appear in the base at another club."

It is not yet known what the next steps of the TOTO will be against Wesley Sneijder.

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