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The most famous bonus offered by online casinos is the welcome bonus. That is an attractive reward that must ensure that as many people as possible play at the party in question. You can see it as a way to get acquainted with the casino and the games that can be played there.

If you want to gamble online in a casino, you have to create an account for that. To make opening an account attractive, a bonus is often offered, the welcome bonus. This reward can be offered in various forms.

Below you can read more about the welcome bonus, about the different types, about the conditions you can expect and what you should pay attention to before you choose a bonus.

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Types of welcome bonuses

A welcome bonus is intended for new players and can be offered in various forms. You receive the bonus because you create an account at the casino. What kind of bonus you can get differs per casino.

For example, you can get a deposit bonus, free spins, a no deposit bonus, a cashback bonus or a combination of different of these forms. To be eligible for the remuneration, the registration of the account must be fully completed.

There are always conditions associated with receiving and using the rewards, you can read more about that. Below we briefly explain which types of bonuses you can get.

🎰 Storting Bonus

A common reward is a deposit bonus, also known as a deposit bonus. That is a bonus that you receive for depositing money into the account with which you want to play. You need that money to make the games in one Legal Casino to play and to compete for the winnings.

A deposit bonus can often be used once and is only intended for new players. To get the reward, create an account, then you then complete the registration of the account, and then make a deposit.

A deposit bonus often consists of a percentage of the amount paid with a maximum attached to it. For example, you will receive a deposit bonus from 100 % to $ 250. Then you will receive up to an amount of $ 250 extra, the same amount after the first deposit you make.

🎰 Free Spins

A deposit bonus is often offered combined with free spins. Free spins Are very popular because with that you can play on slot machines without costs. For this you also create an account so that you can then use the free turns.

Often with free spins you can only gamble online by the casino rotated slots. The value of the spins often differ from $ 1 to $ 10 each. Just like with other bonuses, it is important to pay attention to the conditions. For example, look at the maximum profit that you can achieve and how often you have to use the bonus before you can have the profits paid out.

🎰 No deposit bonus

In addition to the aforementioned deposit bonus or deposit bonus, there is also one no deposit bonus Possible as a welcome gift. As the name suggests, this is a bonus for which you do not have to make a deposit. In this case you get a certain amount of play credit from the casino with which you can join gaming tables or gamble online at slots.

This is about real money that you can ultimately keep if you meet the conditions set by the casino. That means, for example, that you have to use the bonus at least 40 times before you can keep the amount that you have left over.

Conditions with a welcome bonus

To use a welcome bonus in any form, an account must be created. You can usually collect the bonus when the registration is fully completed. In addition to this requirement, there are often conditions associated with getting and holding a welcome bonus.

These conditions must ensure that you want to keep playing longer and that you do not immediately have a money bonus paid out. The conditions and rules associated with getting and retaining a welcome bonus are different per online casino. Below you can read which conditions are often associated with a welcome bonus:

  • The reward may only be used once and only by new players;
  • Often only 1 account can be created per household;
  • Not every payment method is suitable for collecting a deposit bonus;
  • To create an account, you must enter truthful data;
  • You must be at least 18 years old for creating an account;
  • To receive a bonus, a minimum amount must often be deposited to play with;
  • The bonus only applies to the first deposit you make;
  • A maximum bet per round is used by the casino;
  • Combining with other rewards is often not possible;
  • Play credit usually has to be played at least a certain number of times;
  • Free spins can often only be used on specific slots;
  • A maximum profit to be achieved with the bonus is often used.
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Why choose a welcome bonus?

Entering on a welcome bonus for online gambling can be very interesting. Because of the reward that you get to create an account, you can, for example, double the stake that you deposit on the account. This also means that you have more options for gambling and to win.

Yet a welcome bonus is not always attractive. Whether this is the case depends on the conditions that are set. For example, if you have to use or deposit a lot of money in a short time to receive only a small bonus, then you better abandon it. If the credit has to be used more than 40 times, then it is better to leave the bonus for what it is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a welcome bonus mandatory?

Using a welcome bonus is not an obligation, although it can be very attractive to use it. For online gambling you have to deposit money and if the conditions are attractive, then there is enough reason to use it. Of course you can always refrain if you want.

Can you have the bonus paid out immediately?

No, a welcome bonus is a reward that you receive under certain conditions. That means, for example, you get a credit to play with in the casino. That credit must first be played a certain number of times before you may keep the profits that you can make with it.

Can you transfer a welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus is intended for new players and is therefore linked to the account that you create. You cannot transfer this to another player or share with someone else.