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An online casino has several bonuses at his disposal to reward its players - the deposit bonus is one of them. It differs substantially from the other types such as cashback bonuses, welcome bonuses and free spins bonuses. The different types of deposit bonus are explained in this article.

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Making a first deposit

As the name suggests, the bonus is given when making a deposit. The bonus with a first deposit is often part of a welcome bonus package. That is why these two types of bonuses often cause confusion. A welcome bonus can contain a deposit bonus, but usually also contains a free spin bonus and in some cases a cashback bonus.

The four most common deposit bonuses

Casinos continue to innovate and always come up with new techniques and bonuses to attract and retain players. They are regulated by the authorities in order not to make an exaggerated and impossible offers. That could deliver unfair competition and endanger safety players.

The most common deposit bonuses are the first deposit bonus and second deposit bonus. These are only for new customers of any casino. They are promised when registering and can be part of the welcome bonus package. The reload bonus is for deposits of existing customers to bind them to the casino. The fourth category is for VIP players and is therefore appropriately called the High Roller Bonus.

🎰 first dumping bonus

This is perhaps the most common deposit bonus that you will be offered at any online casino. In all cases, this deposit bonus is then part of the welcome bonus. Sometimes this is the welcome bonus, in other cases free spins bonuses or cashback bonuses are also offered. Whatever the case, you earn this bonus with your first deposit at the relevant casino.

The first deposit bonus is a percentage of the amount you have paid. These percentages can increase up to 100%. Suppose a casino offers 80% bonus and you deposit 100 euros, then your bonus is 100 x 80% = 80 euros. While you only spend 100 euros, there is still 180 euros on the clock to gamble.

Usually these bonuses are not unlimited. That is not allowed by the regulating authorities. They want to prevent gambling addiction and money problems in players by regulating responsible play. Normally the maximum of the bonus is somewhere between 100 and 500 euros. Suppose the bonus of the above example would have a maximum of 500 euros, then you would have to deposit 625 euros to win that maximum bonus of 500 euros, and set your counter to 1125 euros.

🎰 Second dumping bonus

The second deposit bonus is exactly the same as the first deposit bonus with the only difference that it applies to the second deposit. Some casinos spread the welcome bonus over one or more deposits in order to bind the player over a longer period. Normally the percentages are lower and the maximum bonus is higher.

A good example is the welcome bonus that you get with certain Legal casinos. With the first deposit they double your commitment. So a deposit bonus of 100%, while the maximum is only 100 euros. The second deposit bonus is then 50% with a maximum of 200 euros. So the player has to put in twice as much for the same bonus.

🎰 Reload bonus

The reload is a widely used bonus in the online gambling world. This form of deposit bonus is available for all players - not just new ones. This deposit bonus is almost always released on Fridays. The reason for this is free: gamblers have more time at the weekend to spend in the casino.

🎰 High roller bonus

The High Roller Bonus is the most lucrative deposit bonus there is. The High Roller Bonus is often part of a VIP program. This deposit bonus is therefore only available for the VIPs - the really serious players. In addition to these bonuses, some casinos also have VIP managers to guide the big customers special.

The casinos give little prize about the rules to become VIP. You just have to gamble a lot and play with large amounts, and then you will be approached by the casino.

Play around conditions

There are usually some conditions for the deposit bonuses. As a player you have two counters: one with the money you invest, and another with the bonus money. If you sit behind one of the online slots, the balance of your own money will first be used. Only when that is used up, do you get access to your bonus money. It's not for nothing a bonus!

A second condition that is often set is that the value of the bonus must be played a minimum number of times before you can possibly withdraw it in real money. This is usually about values from 20x to 50x. Suppose you have 100 euros bonus, then you will have to have deployed between 2000 and 5000 euros - the so -called passing - before it can be absorbed as real money.

Because of that minimum playing values, you will prevent the bonus from just picking up immediately. That is quite understandable in itself. On the other hand, you have to spend some hours behind the slot machine and continue to win to receive the final bonus. After all, it's all about, bonus or not. 


All bonuses are deposit bonuses, right?

In principle it is. You also have a no deposit bonus and you don't have to deposit here.

Is it possible to win with a bonus?

At least it is not easy because you have to use the amount so often. Some players therefore often ignore him. A no deposit bonus is of course always fun to try.

Why can't you start with the Bonus Money?

Then players will have the deposited money paid out when the bonus money is used up. It is a bonus of the casino but they are not crazy either.