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If you go online to gamble and look for one Legal Casino, then the choice is large enough. You have the opportunity to choose from dozens of casinos that come up with the most lucrative ways to attract you as a player.

This is often done in the form of different types of bonuses. A well -known bonus is the cashback bonus. That is a reward that you can get after you have played a certain period at a casino. You have to play for real money and you can get some losses that you have made about a certain period.

Below you can read more about the cashback bonus, what types there are and what you should pay attention to.

What is a cashback bonus?

A cashback bonus means literally translated money back reward. You get a certain part of the money you have used by the hands of this bonus. If you play for real prizes and profits in an online casino, then you have to deposit money into the account you have. You use this money to experience a profit.

However, there is a good chance that you will lose part of the bet. Depending on the casino where you want to gamble online and the conditions set for the reward, you can often get a certain percentage back. Usually it concerns percentages of 5 to 20 percent of the deployment that you have lost over a certain period.

Advantages of cashback

Now you may think it is a strange way of rewarding because you first have to lose money. Yet the opposite is true and there are various benefits associated with this form of reward.

In the first place it is an advantage that you get part of the money that you have lost. This allows you to play technically longer with a certain amount that you have deposited.

Secondly, you usually do not have to meet certain conditions to receive the bonus. A third advantage is that there is often no maximum limit for achieving profits with the bonus. Due to these benefits, a cashback bonus can be very attractive.

Types of cashback bonuses

A bonus in the form of cashback can be offered in various ways. Simply put, three types of cashback rewards can be distinguished from each other. The differences between these types of bonuses can mainly be found in the period that is linked to achieving the bonus.

Depending on the casino where you end up for online gambling, you can be confronted with a daily cashback bonus, a weekly cashback bonus or even a monthly cashback bonus. The moments when you can use these rewards can also vary per provider.

VIP Casino cashback

Many online casinos have a so-called VIP policy. Players who often play in the casino and use a lot of money get access to certain benefits. For example, there are also cashback bonuses that are specifically intended for these loyal players.

Such a bonus can cause you to get up to 50 % of the lost bet in some cases. The limits for having the bonuses pay out are often higher than with regular cashback rewards. However, these bonuses can often only be used by players who often play and use a lot of money.

Conditions of Cashback

Just like with other bonuses, conditions also apply to cashback bonuses. These conditions ensure that it is not too easy to receive a bonus and that you as a player also have to do something for it. Before gambling online in a legal American casino, it is wise to go through the applicable rules and conditions.

That way you know what to look out for if you want to use a bonus. There are often several conditions applicable to cashback bonuses. Below you can read about a few conditions that almost always apply:

  • Expiration date: There is often a certain period in which you have to play to receive the bonus. If you play outside this period, the losses are no longer counted;
  • Round conditions: In some cases, the money you receive as a bonus must first be used a number of times before you can keep it and have it paid;
  • Maximum amount: a third condition that usually applies to cashback is the limit to the amount that you can receive. That means that you get a bonus up to a maximum of that amount.

What else do you need to know?

A question that is often asked by players is whether the cashback bonuses that are paid by casinos are not too low. In principle, every cashback bonus that you can receive is nicely included, regardless of the percentage of the bonus or the height of the maximum amount you can get.

After all, it is about money that you have already used and have lost. If you want to look for an online casino where you can use cashback rewards, then it is good to look at casinos with a VIP section. Such casinos almost always offer cashback bonuses.

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Can you always receive a cashback?

Whether you can use a bonus in the form of cashback differs per casino. First of all, a casino must also offer such a bonus for players. Secondly, you must meet the conditions associated with obtaining the bonus. Finally, it is important that you also play within the set period.

Can you have a cashback paid out?

A cashback is not always paid directly in a way that you can have it paid out right away. Depending on the conditions set by the provider, you may first have to use the amount a certain number of times before you can actually keep it.

Is a cashback cheap?

In principle, a cashback bonus is beneficial. You will receive a certain percentage of the amount that you are lost over a stated period. Literally, you can play with that part of the bet in the casino for a second time.