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The Online Casino 777 has various options for players to take advantage of their bonuses. We explain which conditions are included.

There are circumstances that you are not eligible for a bonus. This can be, for example, because you have set a limit yourself, or that you are not yet 24 years old. 777 In such a case, you will not inform you of new bonuses.

You have to claim a bonus

Every bonus will first have to be claimed by you. You say that you really want the bonus. In addition, you are aware that you are playing with bonus money.

This is how you claim the bonus:

  1. Go to the cash register;
  2. Then to "bonus account";
  3. Accept the bonus in the "Click & Claim" section.

If you don't have any other active bonus yet, the bonus will be added directly to your balance. If you already have an active bonus, your new bonus will be in the queue. The new bonus will only be added to your balance once the existing bonus has been played. We later explain what playing around is.

If you have more than one bonus in the queue, the oldest bonuses will always be added to your balance first.

What do you do with a bonus code?

You can also claim a bonus code via the bonus account in the cash register. There is a separate section for this. Enter the code here and click on the confirmation button. Your bonus immediately comes to your balance or goes into the queue, exactly as we have explained above.

Types of bonuses at 777

  • Storting Bonus: This bonus is granted to you as a player in response to a deposit. For example, if you are going to deposit, it may be that you get a percentage, for example 50%, if extra on top of your deposit amount. If you were to deposit $ 100 in this case, you will get $ 50 extra (50% of $ 100). So you have $ 150 to play. Sometimes it is a fixed amount you get. For example 10 euros extra, this regardless of the amount you deposit.
  • Instant bonus: This is a bonus that you get immediately. This is often a bonus code, and sometimes they are already in the Click & Claim section.

When are you entitled to a bonus

To start with, you should not be excluded by age or by set limits. In addition, 777 always has the right to grant a bonus. You will also have to meet the conditions that hang on a bonus.

Validity of bonuses

A time limit applies to claiming a bonus. You can always read this in the conditions. After an expiry date you can no longer claim a bonus.

After claiming a bonus, it remains active for 30 days, and any profit from the bonus. Note because if you have not played the bonus yet, both the bonus and the winning from the players' balance will be removed.

Can you cancel a bonus?

You can cancel a bonus early. You do this via your bonus account. This is a definitive promotion, bonus and profits disappear from your account forever.

If you are going to pay, it is not possible to retain an active bonus. This is to abuse Bonuses to prevent. Players could be tempted to claim a bonus, and then pay out their own money before it is deployed. In such a case you will always receive a report in advance, so that you can choose whether you will continue to play or have your money paid out.

Play around the bonuses at 777

You have to play almost every bonus around. This means the number of times that a bonus has to be used before any profit is added to your cash balance.

For example, if you have received a bonus of $ 10 with a play -through requirement of 30 times, then you must have used 300 euros total to the bonus.

Play around for each game

There are different rules for playing a bonus around game.

Slots: 100%, so the amount used is entirely for the play -on requirement.

Example $ 50 bonus

Deployed bonus amount on a slot machine: $ 5

Amount that contributes to the Perslesseiste: $ 5

Passed -on requirement before deployment: $ 50

Persevere requirement after deployment: $ 45

Roulette, blackjack, live casino games: 10%, so the amount used counts for one tenth for the play -on requirement.

Example $ 50 bonus

Deployed bonus amount on a roulette: $ 5

Amount that contributes to the Perslesseiste: $ 0.50

Passed -on requirement before deployment: $ 50

Passion on after deployment: $ 49.50

That means that playing a bonus goes ten times faster on a slot machine than roulette.

How to use the bonus

With an active bonus, you will use the different funds in the following way while playing:

  1. Profit from Bonus: If your balance consists of bonus profits, you will be the first to use it while playing. Everything you win with this bet is added to your bonus gain. If you succeed in playing your bonus until the playing requirement has been reached, the bonus profits will be added to your cash balance.
  2. Cash: If you have no bonus profits (anymore), your bets will be deducted from your cash balance. Winsts will first be supplemented to the original amount in the cash balance before they count for the bonus wins.
  3. Bonus balance: If there is no cash balance left, you play with the original bonuss balance. If you win, the bonuss balance is first supplemented, then the cash balance, and finally the win counts as a bonus win. Every bet contributes to achieving the play requirement.

If you have any questions, the help desk of it will casino online 777 are happy to help you further.

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