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Blackjack claims the title of the most popular casino card game in the world and this is justified. The great success that it constantly enjoys can be attributed to the simplicity of its rules and the relatively low advantage that it has the house. But what many recreational players do not realize is that there are ways to not only reduce this advantage, but also to eliminate completely.

There are countless stories in the rich history of this seductive game, about the heroic deeds of competent and dedicated players who have attacked the Blackjackt tables, and with great success. The mention of the Czech Blackjack team yields shivers over the backs of the world all over the world to this day. On the other hand, the students of the MIT Blackjack team have inspired thousands of players, with which they prove that when perfect strategy, discipline and determination are available, there is no such thing as "unlikely".

Legends such as Edward Thorp, Kenny Uston, Stanford Wong and George Hascik have helped to BlackJack Conversion to the game to be beat that we know nowadays through the introduction of various mathematically responsible systems that can greatly improve a person's success at the table. Read on if you want to know more about the most common blackjack systems that can help you become a consistent winner.

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Advantages of Blackjack strategies

Compared to others Casino games Such as roulette, baccarat and craps, Blackjack players offers a fairly high efficiency and a low house advantage. When players at a table with favorable rules and conditions participate, players who use a strategy can rarely expect a house benefit of more than 0.8%. Someone who does not see the importance of strategies tends to make many mistakes when playing his hands, which naturally results in a significant reduction in his bankroll.

Compare this now with someone who takes a strategy at the table and follows it exactly. One such player will make the optimum decisions, use more if they have the advantage and make fewer mistakes during sessions. Fewer mistakes (or none at all) and a correct bet size at the right times translate into a reduction of someone's losses. It helps them maximize their profit under favorable conditions.

Extra tip

Blackjack is unique because it is a casino game where there are constant fluctuations to the advantage that the house has compared to players. This is because the game is based on dependent events and every card that leaves the card slof has a direct influence on the results of the next hands.

By using even the easiest strategy, which is rightly called a basic strategy, the player can reduce the small advantage of this game to around 0.5%. On the other hand, trust in instinct and inspirations will further increase the house advantage by 3% to 6%.

From more advanced strategies, such as counting cards, it is known that they are taking the benefit of the house, so much even that at a certain moment it is the card counter who has the advantage over the casino. This results in a positive expected value, which means that the player would win more often in the long term than losses and therefore generate much larger profits.

Base strategy

In a conversation with more experienced blackjack players you will certainly hear them emphasize the importance of a basic strategy. It has been proven that it works because it is based on an extensive study, conducted in the early 1960s.

A computer specialist called Julian Braun carried out a simulation with around 9 billion combinations of hands against all possible open cards that the dealer can show. The simulation was indeed expanded because it was based on blackjack games with one, four, six and eight decks.

After having analyzed his results, Braun changed the game of "Twenty-One" forever, since his findings served as the basis for the basic stration map. The card contains all the optimum movements that a player can make based on his own hand total and the value of the dealer's open card. The basic strategie map enables players to decide when it is the best time to fit, buy, to double, to split couples or to give up (if permitted).

The strategy card below applies to games with an open card for the dealer. Most Online casinos offer this form of blackjack.

Stration map Blackjack

Extra basic strategy information

The basic stration map contains the right actions that players can make when they are opposed to a neutral card game. The term "neutral" refers here to the circumstances with which players are confronted after shaking a card game. The rows of the card correspond to the hand total of the player and its composition. The columns contain the values of the cards that the dealer may show. The optimum way to play a blackjack hand can be found in the squares where a row and a column cross each other.

You will undoubtedly notice that splitting and double are generally recommended when the dealer 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 shows. With these tickets, the bank buys itself more often. This weakness must be used by splitting or double. This allows players to maximize their profit.

Players must approach the situation with more caution when the dealer shows cards with a higher value, such as 9, 10, farmer, woman, lord or bait. These are the strongest cards of the dealer, because the chance is greater that they will result in a hand of 17 or higher. It is often not necessary to draw extra cards.

Use of the strategy map

If you want the basic strategy to work optimally, you have to learn the card to perfection. The easiest way to do that is by dividing it into four sections and teaching one section a day before you finally string everything together.

If you have the game in a American Online Casino Plays you can simply consult the card while playing. Keep in mind that the basic strategy is not universal and that there can be deviations in the optimal decisions you have to make. This depends on the rules of the Blackjack game that you play.

Counting cards

Of Blackjack base strategy Can reduce the house advantage to 0.5%. There are ways to further reduce the advantage that the house has on you. Such a technique is counting cards and it was perfected by Edward O. Thorpe, professor in mathematics and a very competent blackjack player. Counting cards is based on the idea that players can increase their profit by using more if they retain the advantage and reduce their efforts when the benefit is at the dealer.

People who count cards are not cheaters, but only benefit players. This technique may be rejected by casino bosses, but it is also completely legal. Card counters can see when the opportunities are on their side. This by accurately following the ratio between high cards and small cards.

More aces and pictures that are still in the card slof are favorable for players. This is because they may result in blackjacks with higher payouts. A larger number of small cards works in favor of the dealer and reduces their chance to die.

This approach applies to Blackjack because the cards that have been shared in previous hands influence the composition of the remaining cards in the card game. That is why card counters base their decisions on the cards that still have to be shared. This would reduce their losses at unfavorable moments. They will increase their bets when they are in favor.

Simple maps telsystem

The Hi-Lo is the most popular balanced counting system that applies to the Blackjack game. It was developed and introduced in 1963 by Harvey Dubner. The beauty of the Hi-Lo lies in the fact that it is both simple and extremely effective. Many recreational players and professionals have used it with great success.

System to count cards

Since this is a balanced system, the players start with a running count of zero after the shuffle. All cards are assigned a specific point value, depending on their strength. That is why all low cards (2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) receive the point value of +1. Pictures and aces the value of -1. The 7s, 8s and 9s are considered neutral and do not get points value. They have no influence on the count at all.

Card counters will add and deduct the points values of cards when they leave the card shoe. All decisions about buying, fitting, splitting, etc. from now on are based on the count. The insert size is also adjusted based on this.

Blackjack money management

Ask a gambler what the most important ingredient is in the recipe for success in playing casino games and they will immediately "money management!" say. This applies completely to the Blackjack game. No card testing system or strategy can do anything for you if you cannot manage your bankroll smartly. Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with influencing the opportunities or reducing the lead that the house has against you.

When it comes to blackjack, there are various aspects of money management that you should take into account. Money management all starts with setting up a bankroll to play with. A sufficient bankroll is one of the biggest weapons that a blackjack player has against the casino. This naturally combined with a good understanding of the game.

The Bankroll must consist of money that you can afford. It should not contain money you need to pay your rent or bills. If you can't afford to save the required amount immediately, keep waiting until you have built up a bankroll.

How big should my bankroll be for the session?

This has to do with the limits of the table that you want to play. As a general rule, players are advised to set aside at least 50 times. If you participate in a table with a minimum of $ 5, you need at least $ 250 or 50 basic units. Pay attention to the word "session". A bankroll is generally split into three equal amounts, for three sessions. This is to prevent you from losing far too much money at a single table.

This ratio of session bankroll and table minimum is considered sufficient. These guide you through fluctuations that you will experience. That said, the more money you take with you, the more endurance you will have at the table.

Then the question comes how much a blackjack player should use. Card towers adjust the number of deployment units. High True Counts validate the use of more use units. However, a basic strategy player plays against a neutral card game.

Those who play recreational are recommended to apply the UP and Pull method. The player starts by using two units or twice the table minimum. When they win, they drop to one unit at the next bet. In this way, even if you lose the next hand, you still have a unit.

Every winning hand is followed by an increase in the deployment with one unit. When a loss occurs, the player must start the cycle again with a bet of two units. This method is efficient because it enables players to get the most out of their winning streaks. They can limit their losses to a minimum.

profit and loss

Finally, it is an absolute must to set a profit goal and a loss limit for the session. These will serve as indicators for when you have to get up and leave the table. These limits are individual. The rule of thumb is to stop the game once you have achieved a net profit of around 20% of the bankroll of your session. So your profit goal with a bankroll of $ 250 would be around $ 50. Similarly, you must determine a loss limit that corresponds to the maximum amount that you want to sacrifice at the casino. With Blackjack, the recommended loss limit is 40% of the session bankroll. $ 100 in this case.

In short, being a successful blackjack player is a combination of two things: smart money management and sufficient knowledge of the game. The one cannot do without the other. Even the largest bankroll will not be able to save you if you do not understand the details of this fascinating game.