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Smart Blackjack players follow the basic strategy for blackjack. And yet these players lose more money in the long term than they win. Something that is actually surprising, since the use of the basic strategy decreases the house advantage at Blackjack considerably. These players have often taken the time to thoroughly study the game and learn all the optimal game forms, but forget to arrange a few other important things properly.

One of the things that these players have often thought out less well is the way they can best manage their bankroll, the money that they use to play blackjack. Money Management (Money Management) is one of the most important ingredients in the recipe for success at the Blackjackt tables. If you do not have the necessary discipline and self -control to handle money well, you are already doomed to fail in advance, no matter how well you have the blackjack game in the fingers.

A solid bankroll management means that you think about the way in which you only use the money you use to gamble with. Players who do not do this will certainly lose their complete bankroll without a doubt. In this article you can read more about responsible Bankroll Beheer and Money Management.

Set up a Blackjack Bankroll

Anyone who is going to play in the casino, including the Blackjackt table, needs money. The money that you take purely to the casino to play with, we call your bankroll. Never use money to supplement your bankroll for things you need for other things, such as the rent or your energy bill. You have to put aside money that you want to use in the casino and in many cases simply save until you have the desired bankroll amount together.

Of course you simply determine the exact amount yourself. The bottom line is that you have to play with money that you can afford to lose. In this way this loss will not lead to a financial crisis in your life when the worst happens and you will eventually play your entire bankroll.

You also have to divide your bankroll into smaller pieces instead of suddenly taking everything to it Casino. You can even open a separate bank account that is specifically focused on the management of your bankroll to play blackjack. If you feel like visiting the casino, record a certain amount to use. If you take your entire Bankroll to the casino and you will have to deal with a losing series, you run the risk of playing your entire bankroll in once.

Adjust yourself to the height of your bankroll

Another important part of responsible Bankroll Management is the amount of the bets you make. Suppose you have a bankroll of $ 150 for a single play session. There is a good chance that you will lose that amount very quickly, if you make a bet of, for example, $ 20 per game round. After a losing series of seven hands, you will not have any money to do the next bet. The higher your bankroll, the higher you bet.

Those who play with a smaller bankroll will therefore also have to play with lower bets. It is important to consider where you are going to play. With a bankroll of $ 150,- you can play in a physical casino, where the minimal table limit is usually $ 5,- only 30 game rounds. In an online casino, the minimum bet is often only $ 1 and you can play no less than 150 game rounds with the same bankroll. With that you play longer and it is also a greater chance that you know how to make some profit.

A smart player will never want to use more than 2% to 5% of his or her complete bankroll. With a bankroll of $ 150, this means that $ 3 to $ 7.50 would be the maximum bet per hand.

Determine clear limits

It is not only important that you calculate the height of bets well in advance, but also that you determine in advance what the moment is that you stop playing. It can be useful and wise to set so-called profit and loss limits.

Profit limits are intended as an objective that you have when playing. You set a certain amount in advance and once you have won that amount, you stop playing. With the money won you can do something fun or you can use the money to expand your bankroll for the next play session.

Loss limits are meant to prevent you from wasting your complete bankroll too quickly during a single play session. After all, sometimes it just doesn't work and you lose much faster and more often in succession than on other days. When you have set a limit in advance, you know exactly when it is time to go home. Smarter players simply never take more to the casino than the loss limit they have established. They will not be tempted to ignore the loss limit and yet to continue playing.

Do not use progressive deployment of strategies

Some players use while playing BlackJack So -called progressive deployment strategies. These strategies assume that when one loses, the deployment in the next round must be doubled. A well -known strategy is the Martingale strategy that indicates that you will doubl your bet from the next round with every loss -making round. As a result, the deployment amount can rise considerably after a number of loss -making hands.

The idea of this strategy is that when one gains a hand after a number of losses, one has recovered the lost bet and even managed to make a little bit of a profit. That is indeed true, only in practice you have to deal with the table limit that every casino uses. If you have the breakdown that you play a lot of losing hands in succession, then you can no longer double your bet at a certain moment and you will have lost a considerable amount.

Such progressive strategies have no influence whatsoever on the outcome of the game. All that people try to do with this is to recover losses. And experienced players now know that this is a very bad idea and almost always ends negatively.

Avoid betting on Side Bets

When one plays a casino game, you always have to deal with a mathematical disadvantage. From a percentage point of view, the casino always has the advantage of a game and even with every bet you can do. With one deployment option, that percentage is somewhat higher than with the other insert option. However, the highest percentages of house advantage can be found at the so -called Side Bets. Side Bets are extra deployment options that you can do and actually not belong to the core of a game.

The most used sidebet at Blackjack is the insurance. This is offered to players when the dealer has an AAS as an open card. By taking insurance, you cover yourself against the situation where there is also a ten open next to the bait that one sees. In that case there is a natural blackjack and the casino always wins.

The insurance therefore seems like a handy way to cover yourself against loss. However, it will not happen more often that an extra ten will be opened than that this is the case. In the long term, this sidebet simply costs you money. Avoid bet on sidebets, because they ultimately cost you more than they deliver.

Use bonuses

Play your blackjack at an online casino, which is very popular nowadays, don't forget to use the possibility of receiving a casino bonus. Casino bonuses are free amounts of money that you will receive to your player account at the casino, as soon as you make a deposit.

With a money bonus you can therefore considerably increase your Bankroll and in most cases even completely double. For example, a bonus can be a 100% bonus to which a maximum amount is linked. Suppose you use such a bonus and you deposit $ 150,- then you just get $ 150 in extra play money from the casino. You then play longer and have a chance to win more profits.

Please note that there are always certain conditions for the use of a casino bonus. Read this condition carefully by using the casino bonus before you decide.

Do not drink alcohol when you play blackjack

A night out is a glass of beer or wine for many people. But anyone who plays blackjack with the aim of winning money is wise to leave the alcohol entirely. When one drinks alcohol, one becomes more reckless and they make wrong decisions faster. With a lot of alcohol in your blood, it is not even unthinkable that you, for example, suddenly increase your bets irresponsibly.

Alcohol releases emotions that can have a negative influence on your game while playing blackjack. Those who visit the casino and play Blackjack to win money, so omit the alcohol.