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Those who dream of once visiting the Mecca of the gambling world will undoubtedly already know that Vegas has more to offer than hundreds of casinos. The famous comic offers space for luxury casinos and hotels that almost without exception organize crazy shows and performances.

From Frank Sinatra to Siegfried and Roy have performed in Las Vegas and for many well -known artists, Las Vegas even went to a world of fame and success. Those who are planning to visit Las Vegas, therefore, should not skip one or more shows that can sometimes be found every day.

In this article you can read more about the five best shows you can now visit in Las Vegas or have taken place in the past. Casinos in the Netherlands Also often have artists, but these shows cannot be compared with those of Las Vegas.

Absinthe, Show in Caesars Palace

In the past nine years, Caesars Palace has had a gigantic tent set up in the front garden. This mirror tent, as it is called, replaces the earlier room that did not fully meet the fire regulations.

The Gazillionaire is the smart, rude, sympathetic and borderline presenter of the Absinthe Theater. The caught presenter and producer of the show, The "Gaz", takes the audience on a raging ride through the absurd and the amazing.

Together with the help of his incredibly friendly and scantily dressed assistants, The Gaz presents great acts from all over the world. This variety show has something for everyone, assuming that cabaret is somewhat your thing. The show offers impressive sideshows in carnival style combined with beautiful presentations of power and enthusiasm. Absinthe has the best air acts as you know from Cirque du Soleil.

The 90 -minute show takes place in the mirror tent with 600 seats. Spectators are almost always involved in the promotion. If you are in folding chairs around the small stage, you can see it all very close.

The show is described as ordinary and exaggerated. And that of course fits entirely with the lavish and extravagance of Las Vegas. Attend a performance of Absint and if you do not cry and laugh, you will at least be amazed by the fantastic versions. It may even be that you have trouble convincing yourself that what you see really takes place before your eyes. Absinthe is at the top of the list of performances and shows that you should have seen when you are in Las Vegas.

Frank Sinatra

You can't think of the history of Las Vegas without evoking images of Frank Sinatra. Ol ’Blue Eyes, the chairman of the board of directors, or any other name, Sinatra was" De Man "in Las Vegas for four decades.

Sinatra brought his flexible voice and even more smoother to Las Vegas in 1951. After a while he became synonymous with the city. In fact, many attribute Las Vegas's ultimate success to Sinatra. But of course Vegas did just as much for him as Sinatra did for Vegas. The city literally made him world famous.

Sinatra is at the same level with another Las Vegas icon such as Wayne Newton. A respectable entertainer that has hit many hearts and still has his own residence in Las Vegas.

Once Sinatra and his friends joined forces to form the rat Pack, they became absolute royalty at entertainment level. Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop all worked with Sinatra to form this unforgettable bond.

Sinatra finally returned to a solo career. Yet the Rat Pack remains one of the best groups in the history of Las Vegas. Ol ’Blue Eyes played his last show in Las Vegas in 1994. Years later, all the lights went out on the comic in memory of this true folk hero.

Elvis Presley

If someone has surpassed Sinatra, then that must have been the King of Rock 'n Roll, Elvis Presley. Elvis first appeared in Las Vegas in 1969 for a sold -out room of more than 2,000 fans. In the following seven years, Elvis never performed a show that was not sold out.

That impressive series from 1969 to 1976 ensured that Elvis achieved no fewer than 837 sold -out shows. The scene at a live show by Elvis Presley was a well -organized chaos. Not that Elvis was wild or wanted everything to get out of hand, but he loved the loose, the spontaneous.

Fans went crazy when he appeared on stage and hundreds of girls fainted because Elvis touched their hand or scarf. Elvis managed to touch his fans like no other pop star at the time. Elvis made a lasting impression on the world and in particular on Las Vegas. Until the day there are still Elvis imitators in their enchanted jump suits and decorated with gold.

These tribute artists embrace the Vegas years of Elvis and the run he had completely. In fact, many people travel to Las Vegas every year to marry the king. Or the second best, I think.

Elvis rocks Las Vegas with hits such as Blue Suede Shoes, Heartbreak Hotel and All Shook Up during his incredible performances. He even recorded covers from hits from other bands such as Hey Jude and Yesterday from The Beatles. Perhaps his most important success was about Suspicious Minds. Elvis made the song so famous that few people realize that it is actually a cover of Mark James' song.

Elvis "Left the Building" in 1976. Yet he lives on in the heart of fans and the dedicated individuals who honor the king through imitation.

Siegfried and Roy in de Mirage

Siegfried and Roy

Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn enchanted generations of crowds in Las Vegas. Their first performances in the midst of the casinos and the fierce lights were in 1967. However, it was in 1981 that the family -friendly large cats act really became phenomenal. This show had one goal in mind: entertaining everyone in the audience. The duo carried out their profession to perfection.

One moment you look at a woman who is sawn in half, and the next moment there is an elephant on stage. The real stars of the team were of course the lions and tigers. Siegfried and Roy were refining their own unique disappearing sact. They thereby laid the foundation for hundreds of Vegas magicians who have followed.

The exciting show had a respectable 22-year-old run on The Strip. Unfortunately, fate struck in 2003 when it happened unimaginable. During a live performance, Roy Horn was almost fatally injured by one of the tigers. The incident took place on Horn's birthday in the Mirage Las Vegas.

There are conflicting theories from the inner circle about why the incident took place. For the rest of his life, Roy Horn claimed that Montecore, the tiger, tried to help Horn after he had had a stroke during the performance.

Celine Dion in Caesars Palace

We would not think about making a list of the best Las Vegas shows of all time without naming the most fantastic female artists. Top women who have all given the most insane concerts in the existence of Las Vegas.

Britney Spears, Cher, Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga have all held long-running Vegas shows. Celine Dion rules, however, stands head and shoulders above all other big stars.

The American superstar opened its show in the Roman Colleseum, which was only built to house Dion's Show in 2003. "A new day ..." indeed. A New Day set a Las Vegas record after earning more than 400 million before it was closed in 2007.

Celine Dion triumphantly returned to the Las Vegas Strip in 2011 with her show entitled "Celine". Unfortunately the show was stopped because of her husband's disease. Celine returned to the podium in 2016 after the death of her husband. As with all the efforts of Celine, her return to stage was well received for the third time.

It seems that the American-American singer has found a new home in Las Vegas. In fact, Celine Dion is the most successful Vegas artist since Elvis Presley.


It is almost impossible to name all fantastic Las Vegas shows throughout history. The biggest casinos shows in Las Vegas record the essence of the greatness that is Vegas and the excellent artists who stay there.

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