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They suddenly seemed to be, out of the blue, a large amount of flashy and loud commercials that are aimed at persuading people, especially young people, to gamble. Online gambling that is. From October of the past year, American television and radio user were robbed with a storm tide of online gambling advertisements.

The large amount of these commercials is increasingly striking and there is now anxiety about the impact of these commercials.

How is it possible that suddenly so many advertisements can be seen for online casinos? Which companies are behind this and what do they want to achieve with it? And is it harmful? All questions that many experts are currently dealing with. Where 170,000 gambling advertisements were still on display in 2020, there were 366,000 in 2021. Three of the four gambling advertisements are focused on the online environment. A huge increase that is largely due to the legalization of online gambling. What influence do these commercials have and how far can be done in this?

It is striking that the gambling advertisements have received a hip image. It is rejuvenated and also seems focused on a younger target group. Bright colors, hip music and fast images are used. Everything to make online gambling as attractive as possible. The legalization of online gambling ensures that American gamblers no longer have to move to illegal foreign providers and can opt for a safe, American environment. However, there are not only advantages in the world of online gambling.

Legalization online gock

It is possible for casinos from October 2021 to offer legally online gambling games. So far there are eleven casinos that have received a permit from the American Gaming Authority. With this permit, these online casinos can legally offer online gambling games.

And in addition to offering, these casinos can also advertise here. That has also happened to a large extent since then. You can advertise on TV and radio from 9 p.m. This is allowed on the internet all day and night. Interesting detail is that 88% of all advertisements are shown on the internet and social media and can therefore be visible day and night with the current legislation.

Of the eleven online casinos with a license, Holland Casino and Toto spend the most money on advertisements. In total, the eleven casinos spent more than 23 million euros in October and November. Holland Casino had a share of 6.4 million here, by far the most. Toto spent 4.6 million. The American state of both companies is a shareholder.

Holland Casino and Toto indicate that they mainly advertise to persuade gamblers to opt for the responsible, safe American legal offer, instead of staying with foreign illegal gambling sites. Because these casinos received a license early, they could also immediately start advertising. They have therefore been visible for some time than other providers on radio, TV and internet.

However, experts note that marketers prefer to get as many people as possible and that everything is done for this. A lot of money is earned with these advertisements and that will certainly be an important part of the campaign. As with all ad markets, yield is a great asset. That is of course no different with these gambling advertisements. A lot of money needs to be earned, otherwise it is not lucrative. It is of course good if gamblers stay out of illegality, but is that also the main reason for advertising?

Gambling American casinos Can therefore be legally and safe from October 2021. These casinos have received a license from the American Gaming Authority. Safe and legal gambling does not immediately mean without the risk of gambling addictions. With the wide range of casinos, games and advertisements, it becomes a greater temptation for many people.

The step to play a game at an online casino is many times easier than to go to a casino and physically play a game there. Where in the past no commercials were visible for online gambling and people did not have to think about it, you see them constantly there. That is probably also the reason why so many people are now talking about and thought about it. It makes it curious.

Modern gambling

Popular gambling games that are used a lot are well -known games such as poker, roulette And blackjack. All this in a new and fast online jacket where especially young people quickly feel at home. Online casinos focus on live casinos with studios abroad. Using beautiful visual and sound effects, players are tempted to gamble in an exclusive environment.

There is a lot possible in the online world. Players feel exclusive and imagine themselves in a real casino with the comfort of home. Due to the reasonable anonymity that players can fit, it is made easy to go one step further.

Because live hosts are used, a lot of interaction and communication is possible, so that the player does not feel alone. Buying privileges and deployment from low to high amounts is being made easier. Where in the past lovers of gambling games online could only gamble on foreign websites, that has now become legal in the Netherlands. Task for the online casinos is now to persuade this group of gamblers to opt for their offer.

It is hoped that within 3 years 80% of these players play in the legal circuit. This mainly tries to do this by putting the games as attractive as possible. Trusted, traditional gambling games that are now being presented in a modern way. It appeals to both the traditional gambler and a completely new target group.

That new target group that may never have thought of gambling, but has now been grabbed and fascinated by this new electricity. This large group of new gamblers will get acquainted with the world of (online) gambling for the first time. An easy way to enter a world full of temptations.

Effect advertisements

What is the effect of this large amount of gambling advertisements? Now that the market has been legalized, it is therefore permitted that it is advertised. People can experience that gambling and especially online gambling is normal. An activity that is encouraged and to which are particularly advantages. Making this activity as attractive as possible without mentioning major disadvantages can be a danger. Gambling addictions can increase as a result.

All this in the anonymity of your own environment, because it is that easy to participate. The social aspect is used. Play a game with your friends together. It is a shame if you are the one who has to miss what someone else can experience together. But also the way to get to know people who play in the same environment.

It can be the solution to get more s in a simple way. The addictive effect of the game, winning money or trying to make up losses. It is difficult to keep the brakes on it yourself, especially if nobody watches you. If it is also the most normal thing in the world, it doesn't make it easier to stop on time.

Promote the commercials Online casinos And online gambling in an attractive way. Focused on often a younger target group, using well -known American people who show a magical world in which everything is possible. Because a very large part of the advertisements is visible on social media and the internet, you often can't ignore it. They often appear unconsciously in your field of vision and you will be exposed to it all day. It is pretended that it is the most normal thing in the world to gamble and spend money on this. But are the side effects and the consequences for many people who dare to take a gamble?

If the legislation is as it is now, the number of gambling advertisements will only increase next year. It is very lucrative for companies, the gross game result is estimated at 814 million euros. If no action is taken on this from the Lower House, the offer will only continue to grow.

House of Representatives

From the House of Representatives, attention is paid to the large increase in the number of advertisements that online gambling promotes. We look at the times when advertising can be made on the internet. The wish is that this may no longer be done during the day. 88% of gambling advertisements are shown on social media and the internet. This also reaches the most diverse group of people, including a large group of young people.

The Casinos advertising code would like to see that advertising can be made on the internet from 9 p.m. A motion has also been adopted in the Lower House in which the government is called on to introduce a ban on "non -focused advertisements for risky games of chance", including TV advertisements. For the time being, the motion has not yet been adopted, because this was found too early for this. The legislation has not yet been adjusted yet and changes are not yet in the pipeline.


The greatest danger of online gambling and the large number of advertisements here is perhaps the ease with which you can start. If you might have never thought about choosing online gambling in advance, now you might consider it after seeing the commercials. Evening after evening you can see the flashy and exciting commercials for an online gambling game on TV. All day long you come into with these temptations on the internet and social media and before you know it you have decided to give it a try.

You hear friends talking about these games and on TV they are advertised by well -known athletes. The fact that there are also dangers or that you can continue for too long is not very clearly mentioned. This may not be the task of these online casinos, but perhaps of the American state.

A difference of online gambling with the real casinos is that it is possible from the anonymity of your own house. From your couch you can easily log in and try different games. There is less control and view of who is going on and it is easier to log in again. Perhaps it is also easier to spend more money and continue for too long, without any social control. For a group of vulnerable people this can certainly lead to gambling addiction.

It seems like it's the most normal thing in the world and as if everyone around you is doing it. The famous games such as roulette, poker and BlackJack are put into modern and hip jackets that are very attractive. All kinds of extra variants are devised that provide even more depth and challenges. And all this also offered by large companies that have the American state as a shareholder. It feels like a reliable provider and will therefore be good.

New providers

In 2022, more online casinos will submit an application for a permit to the American Gaming Authority. PokerStars and Unibet, among others, will try this and settle at the group online casinos that aces on new players. They had to wait for this for a while because in the past foreign providers have served a group of illegal American gamblers. An extra long waiting time to indicate that their activities were not appreciated in the past.

The group of online providers will continue to grow and with this growth also the range of gambling advertisements. This growth will continue to increase as long as the legislation does not change. As long as having an online casino and associated advertisements remains so lucrative in the Netherlands, it will not decrease. Where American gamblers previously sought salvation from illegal foreign providers, these providers are now looking for legal gamblers here. A whole new target group that can be addressed. It will certainly be worth all, hopefully for both companies and the user.