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Much of the American Legal Online Casinos Also have a bookmaker part on their site. Now that the Champions League starts, his football fans are back in for gambling on football. Especially at the Ajax matches, a lot is used in the Netherlands.

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The draw has been. The only American team participating this season was also the first ball that Yaya Touré took. So it will be group A for Ajax. 32 teams from fifteen countries take along on the main tournament. The six rounds will be completed in the months of September, October and November.

It will be a busy program since the end of November it World Championship in Qatar will start. The group stage of the Champions League must then be over.

The six playing weeks are 6 and 7 September, 13 and 14 September, 4 and 5 October, 11 and 12 October, 25 and 26 October and the last round is on 1 and 2 November. Then it is known which teams will hibernate in the millions ball.

Group A

The first group consists of Ajax, Liverpool, Napoli and Rangers. It is the fifth consecutive Champions League season for Ajax in which the main tournament is played. A difficult group where the Amsterdammers will have to compete on paper for second place. Liverpool is a favorite.

With Napoli the direct battle will take place and Rangers will play the role of Underdog on paper. This is also visibly reflected in the odds. Liverpool is by far a favorite for the group win with an ODD from 1,29. Ajax and Napoli both pay the same at TOTO if the first place is stuck with an odd of 7.35. With the group gains of the Scots you will get your bet back 16 times in advance.

A final place of Liverpool is also not immediately exclusible in advance. If the Klopp team knows how to win the tournament again, you will get Toto 6.35 Grind your bet in return. A fifth cup with large ears in Amsterdam delivers you 90 Turn up every euro.

Group b

In group B we find Atlético Madrid, Bayer Leverkusen, FC Porto and Club Brugge. This is also a very interesting group. Atlético stands head and shoulders above three opponents. Los Rojiblancos's group win pays 1,88 Turn off your bet. Bayer and Porto both represent every euro four times and from Club Brugge the least is expected. Bruges's group win pays at TOTO 14.75 Grind every euro.

Los Rojiblancos never won a Champions League. Simeone's team was very close in the past. Yet this season you cannot exclude ATLético from a possible stunt. Atlético know how to win the trophy for the first time in history, you will get 28 Return every euro.

Porto and Bruges still know each other from the Champions League a few years ago. In the 2016-2017 season, the teams played against each other in Group G. Porto won in both its own stadium and in the Jan Breydel stadium. In the same season, Bayer Leverkusen played in the group with Atlético. Both teams won in their own stadium. Leverkusen finished third in the group and met in the knockout phase FC Porto. The diptych against the Porto won Leverkusen.

Group C

Group C could be called the "group of death" in football terms. Very large teams came from the first three pots. Bayern flowed from pot 1. Barcelona connected from the second group. In the third group the name of Internazionale appeared and Viktoria Plzen emerged from the fourth pot.

In short, we can prepare ourselves for splendor posters in Munich, Nou Camp and Guiseppe Meazza. Bayern is a favorite for the group win at the Bookies. You only get for this 1.7 Grind your bet. Barca pays a little more with an odd of 2.61. With the group win of the Nerazzurri you will get your bet back 7.15 times. A stunt that will reach the history books and that will be discussed for decades is with a possible group win of Viktoria Plzen. You will also receive for this 100 Return every euro.

Bayern is the favorite in this group to continue far into the tournament. If the team stands in Istanbul in May with the cup then you will get there 7.15 Grind every euro in return. A Champions League win from Barcelona is silvered with an odd of 19.

Group D

The fourth group is one that can go in all directions. Tottenham seems to be the favorite on paper. But the three teams that connect can all three of each other. Tottenham, Europa League winner Eintracht Frankfurt, Olympique Marseille and Sporting Lisbon are the fourth group.

Tottenham is the favorite with an ODD from the Bookies 1.45 If they win the group stage. If you think that the team of conte is at the end of the season with the cup, then Toto pays you there 14.5 Turn out every euro for. Eintracht Frankfurt and Olympique Marseille both pay the same amount at a group win. The Germans and American have an ODD of 6.5. Sporting is the least favorite on paper, but can just attract the group win. Sporting has a quotation of 8.05.

Group e

In Group E we find Chelsea, Italian national champion AC Milan, Red Bull Salzburg and Dinamo Zagreb. Chelsea and Milan are likely to compete for first place. Zagreb and Salzburg play on paper around the place in the Europa League after the winter break, in which the Austrians have the best chance in advance. If we look at the odds then Chelsea pays 1.35 Turn out your commitment to the group win. The Italians represent a quadruple of your bet. Salzburg pays 12 times your bet and you get a stunt from Zagreb 60 Take every euro back.

Chelsea managed to win the Champions League for two years ago. Although many players have been implemented since that time, the basic principle of Tuchel remains the same. Chelsea wins her third Champions League title in May, you will receive your bet in advance sixteen times in advance. Milan has an ODD of 60.

Group f

Champions League winner Real Madrid joins group F. They are accompanied by RB Leipzig, the Scottish Celtic and Shakhtar Donetsk. Real Madrid is of course by far the favorite for the profit of the group stage. You only get 1.19 Return your bet at a gamble on Los Blancos. Leipzig is the one-after favorite. You get for the Germans 5.8 Take every euro back. Celtic and Shakhtar will compete for third place in the group. On paper, the Scots here have the advantage over the team from Donetsk. Shakhtar will play her home games in Warsaw, in the Stadium of Legia Warsaw, as a result of the war in Ukraine.

Real may be the favorite for the group win, it is the third consecutive year that the team has taken on Shakhtar in the group stage. In 2020/2021 the Ukrainians won both at home and out. Monor Solomon scored in both games. Last season it ended 0-5 and 2-1 for Real. Bump loose blancos far through in the tournament and Ancelotti knows how to add another Champions League to the Madrid prize cabinet then you pay toto there you 9.55 Turn off your commitment.


The seventh group is a very interesting one. Manchester City plays the favorite role for both the group win in this group and the win of the cup in May. The Guardiola team was very close two seasons back in the final against Chelsea. This season it all has to fall into place in Manchester. City is the only team with a player value of over one billion euros. The player material is more than the other three teams in Group G (Sevilla, Borussia Dortmund and FC Copenhagen) added together.

Borussia Dortmund and Sevilla will play on paper for the second ticket after the winter break in the billion -dollar ball. FC Copenhagen can only stunt in this group. City pays at the group win 1,22 Turn off your bet. If they win her first Champions League in history, you will get 3.4 Return your bet from TOTO. Eg has an ODD of 6.4 at the group win and pays 50 Turn out every euro as "Die Schwarzgelben" ten years after the lost final against rival Bayern now take the title.


The last group of the Champions League is one to lick your fingers. Paris Saint Germain together with Juventus, Benfica and Maccabi Haifa form the foursome. Logically, the marbles will be divided between the American and the Italians. Paris has an ODD of 1.4 was assigned the favorite role. With a gamble on Juve you get three and a half times your bets back when they become the group winner.

Benfica will probably end up in third position with not too much trouble. They have an odd of 11.75 At Toto if they take the group win. Maccabi can only stunt. Against all three opponents, they are considerably in the role of the underdog.

Paris still has the dream of winning the cup with the big ears. Like every season, they have a team with the opportunity to achieve it. If it works this season toto in advance 5.75 Return your bet. A Champions League win in Turin pays 40 Turn off your bet.