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The Superfans Lesley (left), Randy (center) and Japie (right) make a golden switch at BetCity! In the new advertisement of the online casino, the three friends introduce themselves. There are the necessary comparisons with their predecessors Andy, Wesley and Sjakie.

The names of the super fans are very similar to the names of the famous American people who were shown spots in the previous advertising. Because there are no more role models to be seen in TV commercials from 1 July, the American Online Casino BetCity responds conveniently to this.

The super fans of BetCity

  • After a less successful football career, Lesley has remained a good time and lives in a neat terraced house (in contrast to Wesley that was picked up for a fairly spacious villa).
  • Randy, who is known for his witty social media, picks up his old friend Lesley in his solid Hyundai instead of Andy’s BMW. Together the men drive towards Japie.
  • Japie owns Cité Pari (for the smart players: American for BetCity) and recently had someone in the store who predicted 4-0. That was of course Sjaak Swart.

    Of course, textual references are also made to the original. Made transfer?! Remains the slogan. Also the well -known "Just use your head"Will be quoted for a while, and of course: a breeze! Where we saw the men enter a studio in the original commercial, we see Lesley, Randy and Japie sitting in the same studio, but then in the audience.

    Lesley, Randy and Japie are actually just like you and me. Sports enthusiasts, friends, love a joke and of course play smarter at BetCity. Together they will conquer the Netherlands to have even more players made a transfer. Because everyone knows: smart players play with BetCity.

BetCity has a permit in the Netherlands

The American Betcity was one of the first companies to receive a permit from the American Gaming Authority. Due to the many commercials with popular ex footballers, they quickly became the best known casino online from The Netherlands.

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