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Do you want to gamble with the best gambling sites in the Netherlands? We are happy to help you and only provide information about legal gambling sites. Every gambling site with a permit guarantees reliable and safe online gambling. In our overview you can easily compare the best American gambling sites through extensive reviews. Make use of this.

Since the legalization on October 1, 2021, more and more online gambling sites have been added. But what is the best American gambling site? This can be different for everyone, but there are a number of important factors that you should pay attention to. The permit of the Gaming authority (KSA) The most important criterion.

Legal American gambling sites


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What are the best American gambling sites?

Other gambling sites can be the most suitable for every player. For example, are you a fan of one Live Casino? Or do you get extra enthusiastic about betting on sport? This is important for choosing an online gambling site.

We at have tested and rated all gambling sites ourselves on every criteria. Consider, for example, the welcome bonus, the game offerings, payment options and customer service. In this way we have been able to make an overview of the best American gambling sites.

How do you play with a gambling site?

  • Choose one of the best American gambling sites

In our overview you can easily choose a gambling site that suits you. Read the reviews and make a choice. We only recommend legal gambling sites.

  • Create an account

To be able to play ultimately, you must first create an account at one of the gambling sites. During the registration process, various personal data is requested, fill it in accurately and truthfully.

  • Place a deposit

If an account has been successful, you still have to make a deposit to be able to play for money. You can use multiple payment options for this.

  • Have fun playing!

You have registered an account and paid money on it. Now it's time to play, we wish you a lot of fun and happiness!

Online gambling at the best American gambling sites

With effect from 1 April 2021, the remote Gambling (KOA) gambling in the Netherlands. At that time, the Gaming Authority (KSA) started assessing all the permit applications that the gambling sites have submitted. Since October 1, 2021 there are actually gambling providers who own a American permit.

If you are a starting player at one of the online gambling sites, you would like to know if it is safe and reliable. The permit from the KSA plays a very important role in this. The fact is that gambling sites must meet strict requirements and conditions to get them. The best American gambling sites are in possession of this permit with certainty.

Welcome bonus

To be the best American gambling site in the eyes of the players, gambling sites generally all give one Welcome bonus away. They try to make it as attractive as possible to register an account.

The one -off "gift" that you get can just be that last push in the right direction. For example, because you get free spins, raised odds or perhaps an extra amount to play with.

Play with the best American gambling sites

With every gambling sites you can play a lot of games of chance, much more than with a physical casino. This is also one of the benefits of online gambling. These games bring entertainment and pleasure, and there is what matters.

You can divide them into three different categories: Casino Games, live casino and betting on sports. We tell you everything about the rules, any strategies and give useful tips.

Casino games

The nice thing about popular casino games such as roulette, BlackJack in Slots Is that you can also play them for free at online gambling sites. In this way you can get acquainted with the rules and deployment options in this way. Each game has its own rules, we also deregistered these for you. We also indicate what the best American gambling sites are to play them.

Live Casino

The live casino is actually a mix between physical casinos and gambling sites. You have the elements such as a croupier, but at the same time you indicate what you want through a computer. The big difference with the "standard" casino games is that it entails extra tension and experience. In addition, some special live casino games have been developed, these are also called game shows.

Live online casino

Bet on sports

Gambling sites not only offer nice games that you also encounter in a physical casino, they also offer the possibility to Bet on sports. It provides extra tension while following a sports competition. When you have placed a sports bet you naturally hope that a certain team or individual wins. That is what makes it more exciting.

Frequently asked questions about the best American gambling sites

When is a gambling site reliable?

The KSA permit is very important for a gambling site. The fact is that they must meet strict requirements for this, which guarantees reliability and safety.

Is online gambling in the Netherlands legal?

Yes, online gambling has been legal in the Netherlands since 1 April 2021. From that moment on, the remote Gambling Act has entered into force. On October 1 of the same year, the first online gambling sites received a permit.

How old do you have to be to play at an online gambling site?

You must be at least 18 years old to register an account with a gambling site. To be eligible for bonuses and promotions, however, you must be 24 years or older.

What are the best American gambling sites?

This can be different for everyone. One player loves casino games and the other might be more about betting on sport. The offer or the welcome bonus can then be decisive, for example. We only offer legal gambling sites.

Which games can you play online?

With every gambling site, the range of games of chance will be different, it depends on what they focus on and the software developers with whom they work together. But that the offer will be very extensive is one thing that is certain. From classic casino games to live casino and betting on sports.