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After a customer of a newspaper shop in Belgium gambled $ 15,000 within 3 hours, the Belgian Gaming Committee intervened. The relevant store in Waregem may no longer offer bets as a punishment.

The owner of the newspaper shop should have intervened earlier. It is legally stipulated that only $ 200 per day/per customer can be gambled.

The Belgian newspaper "Het Laatste Nieuws" said that the customer concerned had filed a complaint after his big loss session. The Council of State stated that the manager of the newspaper shop was indeed punishable and prohibited the further offering of bets.

The operator still tried to argue that he should dismiss staff because he is going to lose 20% of his turnover. The judge was not sensitive to this and the suspension will therefore run until the end of March 2023.

Belgium sharpened lines of newspaper shops

To keep gambling in newspaper stores under control, the regulations have changed in Belgium. There were many "sham" newspaper shops, which was completely about gambling. A new rule is that a store must have displayed at least 200 (new) newspapers and magazines. The annual bet may also not exceed $ 250,000.

The stores may only take bets between 6:00 and 20:00 and the aforementioned $ 200 rule per day/customer remains in force. The minimum age to bet remains 18 years.

The reason for stricter measures was when the Goken Palace gambling company took over 170 stores. The fear was then great that the stores were dismissed casinos would be.

It is doubtful whether the measures are sufficient. For example, Gaming Committee Chairman Magali Clavie thinks that the problem will move to the large supermarkets. Because more than 200 magazines are already being offered here, they can easily comply with the rules. The annual max of $ 250,000 is a good stick behind the door.

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