Bad habits that make you lose on a slot machine

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Slots yield casinos most of their profit. In some places the slots earn more money for the casinos than all other gambling activities combined. And despite that, players continue to play on the modern one -armed bandits.

You could easily say the argument that playing slots in itself is a bad habit. But if you like to play on a slot machine, it is much more relevant to see what bad habits have many players on slots. You may recognize a few and you can change something about it.

In this article you can read about five bad gambling habits that absolutely cost you money. Eliminate these bad habits and you will win more. Or you will at least lose less when you play on a slot machine next time.

The slot machine maniac

This is almost the most famous bad habit of many players on Slots. You will undoubtedly recognize him. Most players on slots press the start button as quickly as possible. Or even worse, they play on a slot machine that has the function with which you can run a number of spins automatically.

In other words, too many players on slots behave like a maniac. A maniac just wants to play as many spins as possible. And slot machines are specially designed for this type of players. The problem is that playing slots when a maniac is one of the worst mistakes that gamblers make. If you play in a slot machine in this way, it will cost you the maximum amount.

Many players think that the speed with which they press the start button influences the result of the game. However, that is not the case. The only thing you achieve with this is that you get the maximum number of spins per hour. And with that you bring the average hour of loss to the maximum amount. Let's look at an example in which this becomes clear.

Slots are managed by computer programs that follow strict rules. The rules say that the slot machine returns a percentage of the money that has been put in it to the players. The rules also say that the remaining percentage is held by the slot machine as a profit for the casino.

These percentages vary enormously in the short term, but during the lifetime of the slot machine these rules always become 100% accurate.


The rules are slightly different for each gambling game, but most have a rule that gives somewhere between 85% and 97% payout for players. This means that the rule is about how much the machine is as a profit is usually somewhere between 3% and 15%.

If you play a slot machine with a repayment rate of 94%, this means that the profit percentage for the machine is 6%. You can multiply your total bet 6% times to get an estimate of how much you are going to lose. This is only an average number for the long term. But don't forget that the long term always comes out.

Suppose you put $ 2 per twist on a slot machine and play 525 each hour. This means that you bet $ 1050 every hour. If you multiply that amount by 6%, you will receive $ 63. This is your expected loss per hour.

Suppose you play 300 spins on the same machine every hour. Now you use a total of $ 600 every hour. This creates an expected loss amount of $ 36. That is still not pleasant, but it is much better than losing $ 63. So stop playing slots like a maniac. Make it a habit to play fewer spins every hour.

Play on slots without a bonus

Most people enjoy the typical atmosphere of a physical casino. For some, a visit to the casino is a true experience. But the truth is that you can gamble much better online than in a physical casino. Certainly when it comes to playing slots.

If you go to the casino with $ 500 to play on slots, you sit down and play with $ 500. You can earn some player points on your casino card, but usually it will stop.

If you play online, you can make a deposit of, for example, $ 1000 and then use bonuses that online casinos offer. You sometimes get up to 100% of your deposit as an extra bonus money. So you deposit $ 1000 and get $ 1000 from the casino. You then have a bankroll of $ 2000 to play with.

Many online casinos give a matching bonus on your deposit when you play slots. This is why you should always play online if you want to play on slots.

Want to follow the storyline of the slot machine
More and more slots have a certain story to tell. For example, you have to save a number of coins while playing to activate a certain feature. Some players continue to play until they have filled that feature. They think it is a waste of their effort and money to stop while the feature meter is half filled.

Game developers are good at understanding the psychology that players keep playing. They know that when they add a story or other element to the game, player will play longer to follow the story or complete a task.

Don't fall for this fall. And the best way to do that is simply not playing on such slots. The third best way to avoid this bad habit is to simply ignore the story or the completion part of the machine. But that is easier said than done.

Every time you get involved in the story, you run the risk of playing longer than you originally planned. And as you learned in the first part, the longer you play, the higher you will probably be losses.

Want to save casino points

This is almost precise to completing half features or finishing a story on a slot machine. When you sign up for a Casino customer card, you earn points while you play. The more you play, the higher the reward level for which you qualify.

The casino knows that many players will continue to play on slots when they come close to the next reward level. And again, the longer the casino can let your gambling games play, the more the casino will earn.

Everything in the casino is designed to take your money. The casino offers entertainment and a small chance to win in exchange for your money. This is what you have to keep in mind every time you are in the casino.

Chasing something when you are gambling is a bad habit. So don't hunt for the next rewards or the next comp level, because it just costs you a lot of money.

Slot machines

Most players don't want to hear or know, but it is definitely the naked truth. The worst habit you can have is simply playing on slots. The casino has many other games that are much better than playing slots.

Slots can be fun, and if you are lucky, you can win a jackpot. But most players lose more money than gamblers playing in other games.

If you want to learn how you can avoid the bad habit of playing on slots, read a little more about those other games. Find games with a better house advantage and choose one of these games the next time you go to the casino.

If you choose the right gambling activity and learn how to play it in the right way, you can play with the same bankroll much longer. And every time you are gambling, you have a much better chance to win.

Video poker is a good alternative if you like gambling on slots. If you are willing to play table games, is BlackJack a good choice. Many other games are better than slots, so you have enough options. Do some research and learn about as many other casino games as possible.


Are you a slot machine Maniak? Then that is the first bad habit that you have to work on. Stop running the rolls super fast as quickly as possible. And stop playing slots without getting a big bonus. Slots draw your bankroll out so that you can play longer if you doubles your bankroll.

Do not kick in the story trap when you play slot machines. Designers of slots use every trick in the book to let you play longer.

Ultimately, you have to take a good look why you play slots and how much your slots really cost you. Once you realize the truth, you might find out that the worst habit of all is to play on slots.