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Tens of years ago, Baccarat was strictly a high-roller affair. You could not walk to a Baccarat table with a few hundred dollars, dressed in normal clothing, and expect to play. Instead, you had to put on evening wear and use it from $ 100 per hand or more.

But everything with regard to Baccarat has changed enormously today. Now you can find many tables of $ 10. Moreover, you do not have to dress in evening clothing to gain access to deposited areas where the game is played. Baccarat is now more popular among the masses than ever before. You can read below about the many reasons why it is such a hit today.

Asian gamblers love Baccarat

No region likes anymore baccarat Then Asia, especially Chinese gamblers are crazy about the game. Casinos in Macau, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia and other gamble destinations have countless Baccarat tables. Asian gamblers not only remain in their respective region, especially the high rollers. They also enjoy playing at other large casino destinations.

Casinos from Europe to America fully realize how valuable a rich Asian high roller can be and ensure that they meet these players by having enough Baccarat tables on the casino floor. However, gamblers with high bets are not the only target. Asian players of all economic classes play it. That said, Casino paradises around the world have seen a major rise in Baccarat, especially because of Asian tourists.

Mini Baccarat makes the game more accessible

Casinos cannot just put $ 100 Baccarat tables and expect to attract more players. Instead, they have reduced the efforts on the tables over the years. Tables of $ 5, $ 10 and $ 25 are now available in many casinos on the mainland. Many gamblers can afford to play between $ 5 and $ 10.

These games with low bets are called Mini Baccarat (Punto Banco). The latter has a smaller, less intimidating table that can accommodate seven players. The contrast is this with large baccarat, also known as the high-stakes version, which includes 12 to 14 players. Most gamblers are not intimidated by the Caribbean Stud with seven seats, BlackJack Or poker tables with three cards. The same applies to the Mini Baccarat games.

Superstition is welcome

If you go back to the influx of Asian baccarat players, many of these gamblers are quite superstitious. They feel that they can influence the opportunities by being lucky on their side. As a result, Asian players often perform unique rituals at the table. They can only do these rituals at Baccarat, not in other casino games.

Some of the interesting things that these players do are, among other things, map corners slowly bending back to reveal the number, shift losing cards to get them out of the shoe or blow on cards to blow away bad numbers. If you also touch cards on a blackjack table, you will be strictly warned by the dealer. A security supervisor turns the door out if you tear cards in half.

Great chance to win

Asian gamblers may be extremely superstitious, but they also have a good sense of mathematics and opportunities that come with the games. They love Baccarat because this game offers an excellent opportunity to win. There are a number of available Baccarat bets. This way you can bet on the couch with a home advantage From 1.06%, you can bet on the player with a house advantage of 1.24%.

There is also a draw that has a house benefit of 4.84% or 14.36%. The deployment on the couch is the lowest possible house advantage that you will most likely find in the casino. Casinos collect a committee of 5% when winning bets in the bank. But even with this committee there is still a house advantage of 1.06%.

Avoid the draw

The players deployment also gives you a fair chance to win. The house benefit of 1.24% is perhaps slightly higher than the bet on the couch, but it is still one of the best casino sets that can be found in the casinos. The draw bet is the only one you have to stay away from. It has a house benefit of 4.84% or 14.36%, both of which are unfavorable. So always make sure that you either use the bank or on the player to give yourself the greatest possible chance of winning.

Little strategy required

Baccarat has a complex scoring system, which makes it seem confusing in the first instance. However, you will notice that both the gameplay and the strategy for Baccarat are relatively easy. With regard to the latter you only have to use the bank every time. If you do this, you have the aforementioned house advantage of 1.06%.

Some gamblers apply a pattern -based system, where they change bets depending on which side experiences a winning or losing series. This is, for example, if the banker wins three times in a row, the player should win once and your next bet on the player is. The theory is that if one party wins too often, the other must also win.

The High Roller scene is still active

High-Roller Baccarat is not just a remnant from the GOK past. Instead, the scene with high bets is alive and kicking. Casinos in Las Vegas, Macau, Melbourne and Singapore regularly attract large Baccarat gamblers. Some of these players are willing to risk somewhere between $ 10,000 and $ 100,000 per hand. Of course you don't have to use the price of a new car to enjoy playing with high bets.

Even use of $ 100 and $ 200 will give you a high-roller status in many casinos. As you may know, Baccarat High Rollers are equipped with special rewards, such as spirits from the top shelf, lush hotel rooms, good food and VIP night club tables. Even betting of $ 100 can yield your extravagant rewards.

Online Baccarat

You don't have to visit casinos on the mainland to enjoy Baccarat promotion. Almost each internet casino Offers this game. A big advantage of online baccarat is that you don't have to use much to play. Instead, the minimum deployments are usually only $ 1 per hand. The convenience factor is another nice aspect of online gambling.

You can play baccarat hands via your smartphone or tablet at any time. Finally, you can also look forward to online baccarat bonuses. These deals are worth a percentage of your deposit amount, for example 100% to $ 200. Deposit bonuses are more lucrative than only VIP rewards. That is why you should certainly benefit from these deals when they are available.

Live dealer Baccarat

The big setback against online Baccarat was that it did not offer any social element. Live dealer casinos help solve this problem. Live Baccarat is streamed directly from a casino studio. That is why you can bet via your smartphone and see how real Baccarat promotion unfolds on the table.

What is even more important, you also have the opportunity to communicate with a human dealer. You can send them messages via the chat box, to which they respond orally. Again, Live Baccarat helps to create a social aspect in internet gaming. It has increased the popularity of the game even more, especially among the audience that normally does not visit physical casinos.


The average gambler ignored Baccarat. After all, this game was reserved for players with a high bet in deposited areas. However, huge changes in the Baccarat scene have brought about in the last two decades. It is now accessible for many more players.

Asian gamblers are largely attributed to the increasing popularity of Baccarat. They love this game, and in turn, casinos have responded by placing more mini tables on their casino floors. Online and live dealer Baccarat have also increased the fame of the game. They make baccarat more accessible to those who normally do not play in physical casinos.