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There are few online gambling companies with a good advertising policy. That is the conclusion of the Gaming Authority (KSA) after checks were carried out at most of legal providers of online gambling. Three official warnings were distributed. This was mainly due to the fact that companies focused on minors and young people. Attempts to show advertisements on and on television at Marble Mania were greatly criticized.

On February 15, 2022, the KSA came out with the news about the investigation. The study focused on the advertising policy of online gambling companies. The question was to what extent the ads of online gambling companies come out with vulnerable groups. Minors and young people fall under those groups.

The legal gambling companies in our country are not good in the study. The KSA announced that he would encounter shortcomings at almost every provider.

Three companies tapped by KSA

The KSA heavily counts on three online gambling companies that they do not have a good advertising policy. Examples are attempts to advertise at Marble Mania and on The companies were put on an official warning. The KSA threatened with a fine or suspension of the permit if the advertising policy was not changed immediately. Of the three organizations, one immediately responded to the warning. Sanctions from the KSA for this company are not forthcoming. The KSA does not answer the question of which three companies are involved.

The KSA investigated pieces from the online gambling companies about the advertising policy. This showed that the companies wanted to advertise in places where, or especially, minors look. Examples are Teen Tok (a YouTube channel), family programs such as Marble Mania and therefore

DPG Media, in which belongs, responded by saying that online gambling companies cannot advertise on that website. In 2017, however, the KSA De Staatsloterij imposed an order subject to a penalty for advertising on

Seven companies are given measures and one company is recommended

At seven other companies, the advertising policy is also not entirely in order. The shortcomings are smaller than at the three companies that received an official warning. Another organization was recommended and does not have to make changes immediately. Even in these cases, the KSA does not release which companies are involved.

There have been no more than 12 permit in our country by the KSA. This is already used in 10 cases. Only the English company LiveScore Bet and, with permits since September 2021 and February 2022, are still waiting.

It is not the first warnings of the KSA. Jack’s Casino & Sports and Holland Casino online were tapped. Jack’s Casino & Sports placed odds on the Voetbal International website. Holland Casino Online did that at The KSA ruled that it was misleading advertising.

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