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Playing in an online casino has become extremely popular in recent years. This still growing popularity has also been created by the introduction of live casino games. With this interactive way of online gambling, you as a player have the idea that you are just playing in a physical casino, but then from behind your laptop, computer or even on the road via your smartphone. In the live casino part of an online casino, you play the games with a real dealer who is connected to the players at the gaming table via a video feed. You can chat together and see how other players get it off.

Playing Live Casino has both a large number of advantages and a number of disadvantages that players have to take into account when they play in a Live Casino. In this article we have listed these advantages and disadvantages for you and provided with a clear explanation.

The benefits of playing in a live casino

Playing in a live casino is without a doubt the most chosen activity among visitors of almost every online casino that has a live part. You can play games that can often also be found as a table game, but you will also find games that you can only play as a live casino game, such as Sic Bo and Live Monopoly. In this part of the article we first look at the many benefits that play a role in an online casino.

Authentic experience without annoying fellow players

Playing in a live casino offers you an experience that you will not find anywhere else, not even in a physical casino. Here is the biggest advantage that you play with a real dealer and with several players at the same gaming table, but you are not hindered by any annoying behavior of other players at the gaming table.

Just like in a physical casino, the dealer, croupiers and game leaders at the Live Casino games are well trained and are also closely monitored. So you can be sure that you are playing under skilled supervision.

Multiple points of views and 24 hours accessible

Through various camera points you have an excellent picture of the game course. With some games, for example the roulette, sometimes more than 10 cameras are used so that you don't have to miss a single second of all the action. The live casino can also be visited 24 hours a day just like a physical casino, so you determine the moment of the day you play.

No travel costs or unpleasant situations

You only play from behind your computer, laptop or on your smartphone. In addition, you have the same experience and chances of winning and you also play with several players at the same time. However, you have no problem with other players, because they are not physically near you. You are not bothered by players with an alcohol air around them, noisy players or players who have difficulty hiding their disappointment. In addition, you can log in immediately at any time to play and you don't have to make long journeys to visit the casino.

Chat with dealer and players

You play alone, yet cozy together. Whether you want to have a chat with other players is completely up to you. The built -in chat function is for anyone who wants to do that, but you are in no way obliged to use it. The dealer is at your disposal in case you have questions, because it is also available via the same chatfeature.

The pace saves your money

When your games from other parts in the online casinoo Play, you often play many more game rounds in an hour than in the live casino. This means that playing in the live casino is a lot more relaxed and also cheaper. Because games in the casino simply have a house advantage, you have to assume that you will eventually lose money. But in the live casino that will happen at a much slower pace than with games that you play outside the surroundings of the Live Casino.

No false game possible

It is almost impossible to cheat with games that are offered in the live casino. Not for players, not for dealers and not for the casino or the game developer. After all, everything becomes visible for both players and casino employees and there is constant supervision of the game course. Cameras record everything that happens and the encrypted internet connection ensures that malicious data cannot intercept and read out.

Wide table limits

Games in the live casino are accessible to every type of player. Whether you play with $ 100 in your bankroll or $ 100,000 does not matter. Games in the live casino are available with different table limits. If you prefer to play with low bets, then a separate table is prepared for you. If you are a so -called Highroller and you prefer to take a little more risk, you can opt for a gaming table with higher table limits.

Disadvantages of playing in a live casino

Playing in the live casino knows as you can read a number of attractive benefits. But there are certainly some disadvantages to playing in a live casino. Below we have listed the most important for you.

Smaller range

Live casinos usually limit themselves to offering the most common table games. Think of baccarat, roulette and BlackJack. In the part with normal table games you will often find a very large selection of all kinds of variations on these games that can sometimes be much nicer and even more lucrative.

Game developers do everything to expand this game offer in the coming years by developing all of new games. Good examples are the live games that are based on popular television programs, such as the deal or no deal game or games that are based on a board game, such as Live Monopoly.

Gaining benefit is almost impossible

Professional and experienced players often use different strategies and skills to benefit while playing. It is one of the best examples of this Counting cards at Blackjack. At games in the live casino, however, these players have little to nothing at all about their skills, because gaining benefits is made virtually impossible.

Cards shakes are automatically used that shake the cards after each hand, so counting cards is simply not possible. This is one of the reasons that many professional players simply prefer to play in a physical casino and the risks that they will be caught in the purchase.

No free practice mode

If you are less familiar with a certain casino game, then it is of course useful that you can practice the game first without it costing your money. Game developers have devised the free practice mode for this. In this mode you can play a casino game with fictional money before you decide to play the game with real money.

Live casino games, however, have no practice mode, just like games in a physical casino cannot be practiced for free first. This means that starting players spend money on learning a certain game. It is useful that in that case you choose a table with the minimum bet, so that you can always play with the lowest possible bet.

Annoying interruptions

Playing via the internet means that people always have the chance that there will be an interruption in the connection. Each game has its own number and once you have started, results are always registered. If the connection falls out, losses and profits are always corrected, but it is disturbing. The chance that a live feed will be lost is greater than breaking an internet connection. It is rare, but when it happens, it is very annoying.

Limited seats

Game developers are introducing more and more games where an unlimited number of players can participate. But still there are many live games where it is sometimes difficult to find a free spot. And that is of course a shame if you just have an hour to take a chance.


Playing in the Live Casino remains extremely popular, even though there are indeed disadvantages of playing in a live casino. However, the benefits appear to be against the disadvantages and that is partly because the experience you experience in the Live Casino simply looks very much like a real visit to a Holland Casino.